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Panamerana was born from an idea that emerged in a meeting in Geneva-Switzerland during 2011. The idea was of three managerial friends of the major companies of supply. They were talking about how would be their retirement and who would take advantage of the joint experience of more than 120 years in the sector of the supply and, even more, in the import and export sector. Six years later they are able to give the best about their experience.


    Panameranais now the portal of purchases of the food processing industry world , which facilitates the labour of buyers and sellers of the sector, standardizing and optimizing the first phases of the commercial relation.
    It is an Integral Service that wants to improve the productivity of the commercial departments and of the purchase in the sector in order that both can have his resources on the most important thing: The Service.
    Panamerana has been designed by professionals of the food sector by experience in the areas of purchases and sales, to adapt perfectly at the needs of the sector.


    Panamerana's Aim is to be positioned as the tool of reference in capture and optimization of business for the clients of the Food sector.
    Panamerana wants to allow at his users to save the two resources increasingly scanty inside the organizations: time and money.
    To reach new opportunities of business, to identify the trends of the demand to be updated in consequence and to extract surpluses of stock with the lowest effort and possible cost.


To reach the aims, Panamerana, the portal of purchases, is focused on 3 fundamental props:


    Buyers and sellers can take the best advantage.


    That his powerful tools can be destined to connect rapidly and efficiently buyers with suppliers.


    To elaborate tools so powerful as simple, specialized in supply, to allow to the actors to bring over and to connect quickly to generate business in better conditions:

    · To be Nº1 World in Internet.
    · Wide Global directory.
    · Interpreters' support in 16 mother languages.
    · Logistics (optional).
    · Clients' capture "to negotiating".
    · We help the clients to obtain investors if is need it.

100% verified and updated data

Panamerana will provide you all of this.

The four basic points to increase the sales or to improve the purchase are:

  • logistic

    1. The knowledge about the product, to be accurate and to adapt it about the needs of the market.

  • Internet positioning

    2. To be known. The more companies know you, the more possibilities you have to do business.

  • have contact with sellers and buyers in the five states

    3. The knowledge about the market. If the clients have his sales diversified, they will have a safe future.

  • translators

    4. Reach the client in their native language. It is more properly than a language mediator.


  • Which is the paper of Panamerana in the relation between Buyers and Sellers?

    Panamerana offers a space and the means that allow buyers and sellers of the sector to carry out their work in an easiest and efficient way.

  • Which are the enterprises which I can develop my business?

    You can have the possibility to raise business opportunities with companies of high volume of purchase of several food sectors: Retail, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, commercial Restoration, collective Restoration, Hotel and catering business, Head offices of purchases.

  • The contact information I have provided on the registered will be confidential?

    The contact information communicated will be given exclusively to the buyers, in order that they could contact directly to you.

  • Will I know to which buyers I will send my market offers?

    Yes, you will know it. Before to sent the market offers that you have, you can take a look at the list of buyers/sellers enterprises and select the most interesting for your sector. They will receive your offers just if you want.

  • How can I register my Enterprise to take advantage about the tools of Panamerana?

    To apply for the registered, you have to click at “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” and enter all you Enterprise details.
    The process won’t take any longer than a few minutes.
    You have to request the register and wait for the confirmation of Panamerana.
    If the Enterprise is admitted, you will receive a welcome e-mail with your password and access to your personal user private space.

  • Which are the service conditions?

    The rates of Panamerana is about (80€ per month + VAT per Sector or 800€ per year + VAT per Sector.
    You can opt as well for these points:

    • Interpreters in 16 different languages.
    • Internet positioning.
    • Clients raising with more than 80.000 buyers.